What’s Awesome? CSS3

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Too many great links pass through my Twitter stream and RSS feed, some haphazardly archived via (re)tweeting, favoriting, bookmarking or saving to Pinboard. And when I’m coding pages or sites from scratch — something I’ve been doing more and more lately — not having those resources about the latest dev and design techniques organized in an easily comprehensible fashion is a definite handicap.

So I decided to put a domain name I registered on a whim some time ago to good use: css3isawesome.com is now my new central repository for those kinds of links. CSS3 is the obvious focus, but there are a few broader web design-related links in there, too. I want to constantly be adding new things to the list, so email me or @ me on Twitter if you know of a great link that would fit in one of my four categories:

  • Demos
  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Tools
  • Grids and Page Layout Systems

At some point I’ll better organize everything, with tags and maybe some kind of CMS. But, as always, the content itself is the most important element.